Take a Test Drive

To log in as a typical CiviCRM user, enter the user name “CiviUser” and password “demo” to the right.

Please note that this limited function demo site is open to the public, so we highly recommend that you do not enter any personally identifiable information. Additionally, while we provide a dummy processor for demonstration purposes, no live transactions are processed on this site and no credit card data is stored. Additionally, we reset the data on this site every few days, so any data you enter will be overwritten at some point.

What you can do on this site:

  • Make a contribution, purchase a membership, sign up for an event, or sign up as a volunteer. See the Public Forms menu. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE DOES NOT PROCESS ANY LIVE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS. ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS ARE SIMULATED.
  • Sign in as a typical CiviCRM user
  • Add, search for, edit, and delete contacts, contributions, pledges, participants, activities, and memberships
  • Create (but not send) a bulk email using the drag and drop email creator
  • Add, edit, and delete campaigns, cases, and grants
  • Run searches and reports

What you can’t do:

  • Send email
  • Get payment receipts for transactions
  • Administer CiviCRM
  • Enter information into WordPress


More Features & Tours

For a full administrative tour of CiviCRM on WordPress, or a live demo of a specific feature, please contact Greenleaf Advancement.